About Us

Established in 1988, Synctek provides quality electrical and electronic engineering services together with a range of specialized products. We provide core research and product development of electrical and electronic systems. Over the years we have expanded into a number of key areas including load and energy monitoring systems, renewable energy systems, variable speed drives and automation sytems. Additionally we provide small scale quality manufacturing services of specialised propriety products for clients with specific OEM requirements. Our team of qualified professionals are all fully trained in their respective fields and we have accumulated a wealth of experience enabling us to provide a top quality professional service to clients in various industrial and commercial applications.


Our Products and Electrical Services include Industrial and Home Automation Systems, Renewable Energy, Climate Change audits, advice and quality solutions for businesses of all sizes. We are able to supply comprehensive energy monitoring and auditing services that includes Carbon Offset management. Our Engineering team can provide complete turnkey solutions including design, installation and commissioning of all Electrical Equipment. Our engineers are qualified in Renewable Energy Systems design which includes Solar, Wind and Hydrogen Powered Co-Generation Systems suitable for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial users.

Summary of Services

Energy Monitoring and Load Control Systems
Building Management, Monitoring and Automation Sysytems
Home Automation and Lighting Control System Integration
Quality Variable Speed Drive Systems
Climate Change Energy Auditing & Solutions
Solar Power Co-Generation Systems and Equipment
Wind Energy Systems - Design & Implementation
Hydrogen Generation and Hydrogen Co-Generation Systems
Electrical and Electronic Installations & Commissioning
Industrial Controls including PLC & Scada Systems
Load Energy Monitors and Load Control Systems
Inverter and UPS Systems
Concentrated Solar Cell Systems and Controllers
Servo Positioning Systems
Library Automation Products
Machine Safety and OH & S specialists
Production & Manufacturing Machine Efficiency - Time & Motion Studies
Design Engineering and Project Development

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